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Welcome to my Kingdom

Hello and Welcome to my Kingdom. I am Arthur Kirkland Queen of Spades. I have a King named Alfred F. Jones. Along with a fantastic Jack named Yao. The Kingdom of Spades is one of the four Kingdoms in our world. There are the Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts, and we the Spades.
So, I humbly welcome you to my home. Just try not to cause any trouble.

I’m sorry…

I think I’ll just deactivate and off myself. I am clearly not needed nor wanted.

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I am going to bed now.

So when I get up in the morning I’ll write up a starter for Alfred and the horse riding when I get up. 
Good night everyone.
I hoped you all had a fantastic Christmas  

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Anonymous asked,

Magic anon says: You are now very sick!

The Queen stared at the grey fairy with a baffled look. “W-why would you do that?! I can’t get sick! No no, this isn’t good! Please take your odd magik back?” 

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He crossed his arms to his chest and gave a small nod. He wasn’t believing that Alfred really wanted to go with him, but he wasn’t going to mind that now. “Alright. We’ll go riding tomorrow then.” Arthur held out his hand for the King. “I promise I’ll behave if you promise to start doing what you want and not what other’s want you to do all the time.” As flustered as Arthur felt right now, he was going to be sure to give the King his word. He wanted to see Alfred stand up for himself a little though. As a King he shouldn’t let people walk all over him the way he tended too. 

Alfred stared at the hand in front of him for a moment slowly looking up. It was…  ”What…? There is no need for you to alter your behavior on my account… You’re the Queen and can act as you like. 

He kept his hands in front of him, tugging on his sleeves and fiddling with his gloves. He had no intention of making a promise he couldn’t keep.  

He rolled his eyes and let his hand fall back to his side. “Be that as it may I am not just the Queen. I am Arthur and should behave as such..” The Queen crossed his arms to his chest and sighed a little. “We should be going back to the party, but to be honest I don’t want too. It’s far to stuffy in there. To many people for my tastes.” Arthur walked back over to his window and sat down on the the pillows that had been placed there. From his room you could see the whole east of the kingdom. 

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